China Company Registration

Startup Package for Startups Looking to Enter China


Ready to Expand Your Business to China?

More than ever before, foreign startups are taking advantage of the vibrant Chinese market, whether that be for B2B businesses providing quality control services or forming a B2C business importing and selling overseas products to Chinese consumers.
Starting a business in China is not as simple as it typically is in the West. It requires proficient Chinese communication skills, knowledge of confusing and bureaucratic local procedures, and an Understanding of which documents to submit, where and when.
With BAHER & JAMES LAW FIRM’s China Company Registration Startup Package, our local & International experts will handle opening your Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise, provide bookkeeping services for a year, and set up tax and accounting processes for successful compliance in the future.

China companies made easy

Services Offered As our tagline promises, at BAHER & JAMES LAW FIRM, our experts can help you handle the entire Application procedure, from collating your documents and filling out the Chinese forms to submitting applications to different government offices and walking your staff through the application process in plain English.

The end result?

A registered company, ready to start its operations with the confidence that it is compliant and has a bright future in China!
Our services save your time, money and the stress of dealing with the local bureaucracy; leaving you to get on with the most important thing – running your business!
With the China Company Registration Startup Package, we provide assistance with China Company Registration, China Bank Account Opening, and Accounting & Tax Services.
  1. China Company Registration
  2. Bank Account Opening
  3. One Year Bookkeeping Contract
  4. Work Visa Application
  5. Work Visa Family
  6. Annual Inspection
  7. Import & Export Licensing

What is this service?

Obtaining an import and export license is a necessary step to get your product in and out of China. Honda’s expert can help you get it done quickly so that your products can pass the customs clearance smoothly and timely.

Who needs this service?

Foreign-owned trading companies with company bank account readily set up which have products to be imported to or exported from China, and would like to make sure their products can pass the customs clearance without hassle.

Accounts, Auditing, Tax & Compliance

What is this service?

We understand that you want to do business in China as seamlessly and compliantly as possible, so our expert local accountants can handle your accounts for you while maintaining high-quality records which comply with Chinese government accounting standards. Our long-term aim is to help your company build the highest possible tax rating for a very good standing.

Who needs this service?

Foreign-owned companies which need to get China accounting, taxes and auditing handled to ensure complete compliance with minimum hassle and maximum tax benefit.

Accounting & Tax

  1. Prepare bank and cash reconciliation;
  2. Compile Balance Sheet, Expense Summary and
  3. bank account reconciliation schedule monthly basis
  4. Bookkeeping and filling all the tax form by monthly, quarterly;

Tax affairs consultation

  1. Calculation and declare sale tax, individual
  2. income tax and profit tax of the company;
  3. Quarterly tax return and annually tax return;

Incorporation of Chinese WOFE

If you want getting a business registration certificate for your Chinese WOFE (Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise) to expand your brands, ideas, and market in the mainland China, first you need to register a limited company and submit all legal files and the documents of incorporation to local government offices, the whole procedure needs 3 weeks. Undoubtedly, choose WOFE as your enterprise type is the most effective way.
The whole process of company registration is very simple for starting up a private limited company in mainland China. All legal files and documents you can do it through our lawyers or consultants to help you submitting to government office, and you have to provide legally proof of identification for shareholders, legal representative and supervisor.

How Long Processing of Setting up a WOFE

If you submit all prepared legal official forms and files for business registration to local government offices, your certificate of Chinese company will be approved quickly. The certificate of registration known as 5-in-1 business license. Do not worried about your language, our international consultants and lawyers will email to you all Chinese official files, documents, and guide you to prepare and sign these required documents. From our experience, the whole process needs 3 weeks.